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adhesive cleaners & release agents

The Gard range of Adhesive Cleaners and Release Agents, which carries NSF certifications and is fully compatible with all OEM equipment, is exported worldwide via our international network of approved Distributor Partners who benefit from:

  • Increased turnover from exclusive, fast repeat, consumable products with high profit margins.
  • Increased repeat sales from new accounts to which they did not previously have access. Due to the diverse applications of our product range, Distributor Partners are able to sell to a wider spread of accounts that need our products to solve their problems.
  • No shipping/transport restrictions since products are not classed as “dangerous goods”.
  • Approved Distributor Partner status for a unique and internationally recognised product range which is only available from Gard and is being continually reviewed and updated in the light of both technical developments and environmental considerations.
  • Leads, recommendations and enquiries from our international operations, including advertising, websites, end users and other Distributor Partners.
  • Comprehensive local training within their own geographical areas, consisting of both classroom and field training sessions where all aspects of our products, demonstrations and sales techniques are taught.
  • Technical assistance/advice available 24/7.

If you are interested in enhancing your business and improving profitability by becoming the Gard Distributor Partner for your area please contact us for details of existing opportunities.

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